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Today, e-learning is an essential part of education from elementary school to university. For many parents, students and pupils, the costs for the corresponding data usage are a problem that should not be underestimated when it comes to easy and barrier-free access to digital education.That's why we at educom have launched the "free e-learning initiative", with which we make the use of e-learning content free of charge as the first step of this project. Worries about too few gigabytes for e-learning sessions are thus a thing of the past. Although this initiative started only a few weeks ago, it is already widely supported by ÖH (Österreichische Hochschülerschaft), the federal school spokeswoman, teachers, educational institutions and there are more every day.


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In order to provide this service in the best possible way, we need your help! We ask you to register the websites of your educational institution, so that we can activate the data traffic from and to the respective school, university, university of applied sciences, or other state-recognized educational institution, which makes it free of charge for all users who use our plans. Furthermore, they can also register their e-learning services such as moodle, but also private e-learning initiatives and services up to YouTube channels with e-learning content to activate them.


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