Invite your friends and get educoins!

Invite your friends & get educoins!


Since educom gives 110% for you from now on the inviter inviter gets 1.100 educoins and the invitee gets 1.100 educoins per successful invite.


Start inviting friends now!


What are educoins?

educoins are your bonus points for educom and edustore.
1 educoin = 1 cent/1.000 educoins therefore equal € 10,-.

Your benefits & how to redeem educoins:

  • Use educom for free!

You can redeem the collected educoins as invoice credit, for example. This way you can use educom for free. So the more friends you invite, the less your cell phone bill will be.

  • Get some vouchers!

Add a voucher to your shopping cart and redeem your educoins directly on the shopping cart page**.

  • Discounts on laptops & co.

Redeem your educoins at the shopping cart page or at check-out. You have the possibility to choose how many educoins you want to redeem for one purchase.


All educoins from your successful invites will be credited to your account after the revocation period (14 days).


How you can get educoins:

  • invite your friends to educom
  • accept your friend's invite to educom 
  • join the educlub - you can gain even more educoins there and climb your way up all to the top level
  • if you have received an edustore gift card voucher: select educoin conversion in your account


*An invite from a friend cannot be combined with an invite link that you have received from your university or ÖH for example. If both invites are activated, the invite from your friend will be selected automatically.

**Please log in and add a product to your cart to see your educoins balance here