How do I become an educom customer?

How can I register for an educom plan?

First, you register on our homepage and thus verify yourself as an authorized person.

After that you have two options:

  • Order online: Simply register your tariff right away on the website or in the app and you will receive your SIM card for your unlocked device free of shipping costs by mail.
  • Get it directly: You can also register your rate directly at our edustore (Universitätsstraße 4, 1090 Vienna) within 5 minutes. Please bring a photo ID and student ID with you.

How can I transfer my current phone number to educom?

1. order online: during the order process of your educom tariff you have the possibility to choose if you want to take your phone number with you or not.

You have the following options:

  1. You already have your NÜV:in this case you only have to upload the NÜV form of your old provider.
  2. Get NÜV information:

There are 2 options here::

1) You choose your mobile provider, enter the PUK from your old provider and sign digitally, by this you give us a power of attorney whereby we can request the NÜV for you.

By this signed power of attorney you give us the right to cancel your old contract for you with your current provider.

2) You contact your existing provider and ask them to issue the NÜV directly. (In this case you would have to cancel the contract yourself).

2. Start calling: We take over your phone number, you receive a confirmation SMS and from now on you can be reached as usual under your previous phone number.