Problems with payment, connection, etc.

My tariff could not be reactivated due to a payment problem, what should I do?

If you have problems collecting money from your account / card at Klarna, or you received an SMS saying that your rate did not renew automatically, please click here:

Why do I sometimes have no network/internet in EU countries?

If you have ever been in an EU country outside of Austria and had no network / Internet there for a while, it may be because not all networks have a roaming agreement with our three-network.
The solution in this case is the manual network search on your cell phone. You can manually select a network that is registered as a partner of Drei.
Here is a list of Drei's roaming partners:
Hungary: Telekom, Telenor, Vodafone
Netherlands: KPN
Italy: Wind, Vodafone, (Tre)
UK: Vodafone, Three
Belgium: Base, Proximus
Croatia: Telekom
Spain: Vodafone, Yoigo
Portugal: altice meo
Germany: Telekom, Vodafone, O2
USA: T-Mobile
Czech Republic: o2,
Iceland: Nova, Vodafone, Siminn
Slovenia: A1, Mobitel
Greece: Vodafone, Wind
Romania: Orange, Vodafone
Sweden: 3
Poland: Play Mobile, Plus
Denmark: 3
Serbia: Telenor
Montenegro: Telenor
Unfortunately, since there is no official information on this topic, some of the partners may not be listed here.