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What are educoins and how can I collect educoins?

educoins are your bonus points exclusively at edustore & educom
1 educoin = 1 Cent. 1000 educoins e.g. correspond to a value of 10€.

• Subscribe to the edustore Newsletter and you will receive 500 educoins = 5€.
• Open a free student account of your choice through edustore and get educoins.
• Invite your friends to educom or accept the invitation of a friend - for every successful invitation the inviter gets 1.000 educoins and the invitee gets 1.000 educoins (after the 14-day cancellation period).
• Take part in our regular promotions, where you can win educoins, free tariff months, exclusive laptop offers, cinema tickets and much more! » You can find us on Facebook and Instagram

educom is now independent

educom has a new partner and is now an independent mobile phone provider in the Drei network.

New plans

For students (and their parents), our "vamos" has got little siblings in the form of entry-level plans, such as our "vamos minissimo" and "vamos mini". For those who prefer to use educom as a prepaid card and only pay for the units they use, "educom ...

5G at educom

As the first MVNO in Austria, educom offers 5G for mobile and Internet tariffs as of today! From now on, the latest mobile technology 5G is also available to all pupils and students and of course to all teaching staff at reduced educom educational prices...

Pay with educoins

This is now also possible with educoins - pay directly with educoins instead of charging vouchers! We are the first company in Austria that offers full payment with loyalty points. (Credit card payment and direct debit are of course still remaining ...

New contract durations

Each of our plans are available as a monthly, semester, annual and 2-year plan, so you can now use muchisimo for 25 months, but only have to pay for 15 months.


- yaaaay - from now on we can fully take over the customer service. We value your customer satisfaction and do our best to make that happen. We are here for you 110%, since putting a smile on your face is one of our main goals! 0678-7800 is our new ...

Best prioritization in the Drei network

Educom prioritizes the availability of high performance phone and data offerings, which are now possible with our new partner in the Drei network, to ensure that e-learning, Netflix & Co. never buffer, but always shreds!

Onboarding in less than 5 minutes

You can complete the full onboarding process in less than 5 minutes on our website or on our app.

And we are prepaid

This means there are no nasty surprises when it comes to billing! You simply pay your rate in advance and, if you want, you can buy a small top-up as a reserve (e.g. 5 euros) - so you have a reserve just in case (e.g. roaming in Switzerland). And there...


Yes please, that is the only way to improve ourselves! Send it to we are looking forward to it

Invites are now more rewarded than ever

1.450 educoins for the inviter and 1.096 educoins for the invitee.

How many plans can one educom customer buy?

There is no limit. A customer can order as many plans as he wants