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What are educoins and how can I collect educoins?

educoins are credit for educom or for the edustore. 1 educoin = 1 cent, 100 educoins = 1 euro. There are 3 ways to collect educoins.
First, you can use an invite to educom and sign up through it for an educom tariff.
The second way is by sending invites yourself and your friends successfully redeem this invite and sign up for an educom tariff.

The third way is to buy educoins (like vouchers) in the edustore.

What can I get with my educoins?

You can redeem educoins in your educom user profile either for invoice credits for your next educom bill OR as a voucher for your next purchase from
you redeem them for invoice credits up to and including the 24th of any month they will be charged in the following educom invoice (up to the maximum invoice amount; the balance will be offset in the next billing cycles).
There is no minimum order value for redeeming shopping vouchers on, however shopping vouchers can only be redeemed for products that are sold directly through the edustore (exceptions are e.g. the Apple affiliate store, Microsoft affiliate store).

How can I redeem educoins?

educoins can be redeemed in the educom user profile in the menu item "educoins" for educom invoice credit or directly at when placing an order for shopping vouchers. You can find your educom user profile through the button "My educom" in the menu bar at the top frame of the website.

How long are my educoins valid?

educoins are valid for 5 years and can be redeemed during this period.

How can I tell if I redeemed my educoins for educom invoice credit?

educoins that were redeemed for invoice credit worth 10€ are listed in the educom app as well as in the educom account manager:

  • - educom app or educom account manager
  • - click on "Your prepaid card info"
  • - click on "Refills"

Roaming & Auslandstelefonie

Can I also call or browse the internet abroad?

Yes, of course! This is possible with the voice plans. In contrast, roaming is deactivated for data plans .

You can find all expenses as well as countries and zones on this page.

How can I deactivate roaming?

You can activate or deactivate voice and data roaming anytime in the educom app or in the account manager in the menu item “settings”. You can also activate data roaming by sending an SMS with the text “roaming data active” to +43 681 810 919 or by calling our customer service at 810 919 and disclosing your customer password or PUK code. Once you have activated roaming for your SIM card, you can turn off roaming in your device settings.

Who can I contact if I have further questions about roaming? / International Hotline

You can reach our roaming service at +43 681 810 9283 and get more information about roaming.

From abroad, you can call the number with your educom mobile phone for free.

Within Austria it costs as much as an average domestic call.

Can I also use my mobile mailbox abroad and how much does it cost?

  • Listening to voicemail abroad: In order to also listen to your mobile mailbox abroad, set up a password beforehand in Austria by dialing 810 830. When you’re abroad you can then simply call +43 681 810 830 from your educom mobile phone to listen to your messages (at the respective roaming plan).
  • Receiving voicemail abroad: You can receive mobile mailbox messages and forwarded calls to the mobile mailbox for free within the EU.
  • Automatic forwarding to mobile mailbox: If your mobile phone is programmed to automatically forward calls to your mobile mailbox when you don’t answer, the costs double. This is because you are charged both passive and active call charges. That is why we recommend deactivating this function when abroad.

What is roaming and how does EU-roaming work?

Travel the EU with educom

On 15.06.2017 “roam like at home” has been enacted. The usual roaming costs in EU member states including Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland have been dropped and you can use your mobile plans in those countries like at home.

This regulation applies whether you have a contract or a prepaid card. The only requirement is a roaming-capable sim-card.

If you have an educom mobile plan with free units, you can call and text within a EU country as if you were at home as well as make calls and text to Austria! There is only a limit on the data volume. You can see your available EU data after first abroad use in your app or in the account manager.

For the vamos mobile plans this means: 3,7 GB is available in the EU (as of 2020: 4,8 GB).
For the muchos mobile plans this means: 5,2 GB is available in the EU (as of 2020: 6,7 GB).

You can find more information on roaming here.

All roaming is regulated under the Fair Use Policy. Per regulation you have to use your mobile plan mainly in Austria. This means that you will need to show proof that you have a fixed address and a permanent job or are studying full-time in Austria. If a mobile plan was used mainly ouside Austria, within a period of 4 months, a surcharge for minutes, SMS and MB may be added. But you will be informed on time with an SMS about possible additional costs.

What are the fees for texting and calling to other countries / international / abroad?

Yes you can make international calls and texts to all our supported countries! The following fees apply to calls per minute:

Table with costs per minute for calls from austria to other countries

Texts send to abroad made with our mobile plans (vamos and muchos plans) cost €0.039; for data plans (datos plans) €0.072

You even can make satelite calls with our mobile and data plans (your phone must be able to make such calls)! You can connect to satelitites with the following prefixes: 6xxxx, 7xxx, 87x, 87xx, 87xxx, 88xx, 88xxx - €6,-/minute

* Calls into the EU zone are regulated by the European Union (last change, 15.05.2019)



Tariff provisions

Legal information


How do I configure my Alcatel Net Cube for the datos bundle?

Number porting

How can I switch to educom and keep my number?

1.Order online: Simply order your educom SIM card for free in the online shop.
2.Enter data: After you receive your SIM card, simply log in to your educom app or the educom account manager and select the menu item "Take number with you". Just enter the necessary data. We will send you a confirmation code to the number you wish to take with you. Please enter the code in the field provided.
3.Request Number Porting Ordinance information: We will contact your current provider and ask them to issue Number Porting Ordinance information, which we will send you by email. Please check and confirm the data. Afterwards, you will receive an email with the estimated porting date.
4.And you're ready to call: We transfer your number and once this is done you receive a confirmation text. After this you can be reached under your previous number.

Please note that your contract with your existing provider does not automatically end when you transfer your number. You will need to cancel it separately.

What is number porting ordinance information?

The so-called number porting ordinance information offers an overview of all of the costs of your existing provider that are due until the end of the contract (e.g. for the premature cancellation of the number porting ordinance costs of the provider) as well as a potentially still existing binding period.

What does it cost to get number porting ordinance information?

Your current provider can charge you for issuing the number porting ordinance information, which you can find out about in the respective tariff provisions.

Where do I get number porting ordinance information?

  • Just use the educom app or the educom account manager while taking over your number. We will request the number porting ordinance information from your current provider for you.
  • Through the customer service of your current provider (service line, email or fax).
  • In any shop of your current provider.
  • Tip: Have the number porting ordinance information sent to you as a PDF by email in order to make the online registration simpler.

How much does it cost to transfer my number?

Taking over your number is for free on educom’s side.  Your current provider may ask for a fee, which you can find out about in the tariff provisions and which normally costs 10 euros (1 euro for the number porting ordinance information and 9 euros for the porting).

How long does it take to transfer my number?

It usually takes 3-5 weekdays. Please note that you need to request the porting before your number expires.

Additional packages

What are additional packages?

Additional packages expand the services of your educom tariff. For example, you can activate the 1 GB refill package for more data volume. You can activate additional packages anytime in the educom app, in the account manager or with an SMS.

After activating, the package is automatically renewed until the end of the billing cycle. Please note that you need to cancel the package if you no longer wish to use it. The additional packages are:

- educom 1 GB más
- EU 100 (international telephony)
- Roaming internacional 100

How do I activate the additional package?

  • Online: You can choose additional packages directly in the educom app or in the account manager in the menu "activate tariff options".
  • SMS: If most of your units are used up, you will be informed with an SMS.
  • Telephone: You can also activate an additional package by calling our customer service at 810 919 and disclosing your customer password or PUK code.

After activation, you will receive a confirmation SMS within a few minutes and can then use the additional package immediately.

How does the educom 1GB más additional package work?

You can add 1GB data volume for €3,90 to your current plan at any time. The 1 GB additional package is automatically renewed after activation until the end of the billing cycle. Please note that unused data volume cannot be taken on to the next billing cycle. You have 0,9 GB available for roaming in the EU.

The package is activated only after the included data volume is used up for the phone plan. If you activate it beforehand, it will be charged as soon as you actually use some of it (meaning as soon as the entire data volume included has been used up).

There is no exception to this for EU roaming. The 1GB más will effectively activate once the whole data volume is used up and not just the EU data volume. It is not possible to activate the 1 GB más right after the 2,2 GB EU data volume and to use the 0,9 GB EU data volume.

Taking vamos as an example:

  • Includes EU data volume: 2,2 GB
  • After that, the rest of the domestic volume + surcharge
  • After that, activation of 1 GB más: 0,9 GB EU data volume
  • After that, 0,1 GB + surcharge



How does the educom roaming package "roaming internacional 100" work?

You can add the roaming package with 100 units (minutes/SMS/MB) for the roaming zone 3 - this means Bosnia, Switzerland, Serbia, Turkey, USA and Canada (updated on 11.July 2019) for €14,99 through the app or the account manager. Roaming applies to Austria and within the included countries.

The roaming package is valid for 1 billing cycle. Once the 100 units are used up the package is automatically activated again (up to 5 times for €14,99 each within the billing cycle). This means that it is automatically refilled. Of course, you will be informed on time with an SMS

Please note that you need to cancel the package if you no longer wish to use it. You can find further details here.

How does the educom EU 100 additional package work?

You can activate the additional package with 100 minutes from Austria to EU countries including Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland for €3,49 in the app or in the account manager.

It is valid for one billing cycle (unused minutes cannot be taken over to the next cycle).   This means the refill happens automatically.

Please note that you need to cancel the package if you no longer wish to use it. You can find futher details here.

App and account manager

What is the educom app or the educom account manager?

With the educom app and educom account manager you can always have an overview of all of your expenses, customer information, free minutes and settings. They include the following features:

  • Plan overview All information e.g. used minutes at one glance.
  • Activate additional packages: Here, you can expand your tariff anytime with additional packages/services and e.g. add more data volume.
  • Change plan: Choose from a list of plans the one suitable to you.
  • Number porting: Quickly and easily take your current number to educom.
  • Last activity: A list of all of your calls, SMS and data transfers.
  • Your settings: Individual settings concerning your plan and SIM card (e.g. roaming.)
  • Send SMS online: For easy sending of SMS and managing recipient lists.
  • Monthly bills: All billing details at a glance.
  • Forwarding: Comfortably manage calls.

Where can I find the educom app?

The educom app is optimized for smartphones and tablets and available for the following operating systems:

  • Apple iOS: Download from the iTunes store (iPhones and iPads for OS 7.1 or higher).
  • Android: Download from the Google Play store (smartphones and tablets with Android 4.1 or higher).

Where can I find the educom account manager?

You can find the account manager through the icon "My account" at the top right of the menu bar and then in your account at the left of your menu bar in your educom account manager and here.


My internet is not working. What should I do?

  • Restart your mobile phone.
  • Make sure you picked the correct APN settings.
  • Check whether flight mode is activated.
  • Make sure you have an internet connection – wireless or network – at your current location.
  • Check whether your data volume is depleted.
  • Make sure that "roaming" is activated in your smartphone settings. In order to avoid potential roaming fees, simply deactivate "roaming" in the educom app or in the account manager.

If none of this has been helpful, please call our customer service at 810 919 or

My internet connection is slow. What is causing this?

Certain tariffs (educom vamos) reduce the internet connection speed once the predetermined data volume has been reached. Please check whether you have already reached the limit.

I don’t have a connection. What should I do?

  • Restart your device.
  • Check the settings of your device.
  • Check the mobile network coverage of your location.

If none of this has been helpful, please contact our customer service at +43 681 810 919 (from all other networks) or

My mobile phone was stolen or I lost it. How can I block my SIM card?

Simply give us a call at +43 681 810 919 and disclose your original PIN, PUK or customer password. We will block your SIM card for you.

How can I request a new SIM card after a loss or theft?

If you would like to replace your educom SIM card with a new one and still keep your number, please follow these steps:

1. Order a replacement SIM card here.

Fill out the SIM exchange form after you have received the replacement SIM. Send it – in case of a replacement after a theft together with a theft report – to or by mail to educom, PO box 4040, 1010 Vienna.
3. We will transfer your number. We will replace the number of the new SIM card with the number you wish to keep and confirm the transfer with an SMS. Please note that from that point on only the PIN and PUK code of the new SIM card will be valid. Your old number, your old tariff and your old contract will all be taken over. Unfortunately, saved data on your old SIM card like contacts, SMS or images cannot be taken over.
Please note: Your processing fee (€10) can only be waived, if you include an official report of the theft.

My SIM card is defect / My SIM does not work. How do i get a new SIM card?

If you think your SIM card may be defect, please contact our customer service at +43 681 810 919 or and we will be able to send you an RMA number for transmitting the SIM card. Then you can send the filled out SIM exchange form together with the defect SIM card by mail to educom, A1 Telekom Austria AG, Lassallestraße 9, 1020 Vienna.  We will check your SIM card and in case of a defect send you a new one by mail.

My mobile hotspot isn’t working or doesn’t pop up. What should I do?

If your hotspot does not pop up or you see the following error message: “In order to activate the personal hotspot for this account, refer to carrier”, please check in the internet settings whether the correct APN has been saved.

You can usually find the settings in the following sub-pages: Settings -> Mobile Network -> Data Options -> Mobile Data Network

At the bottom you can find “personal hotspot”. Please fill out the following information:

  • APN:
  • Username: (leave blank)
  • Password: (leave blank)

Friends bonus and invites

What are invites?

Invites are the revolutionary recommendation bonus of educom. Send invitation links to educom to your friends and each successful commission will earn you and your friends each 1000 educoins.

How can I send invites to my friends?

As soon as you are an educom customer you receive your own invitation link. You can send it to your friends through "my educom" (at the top right in the menu) and recommend educom to them like that.

How often can I use invites from partner sites?

Invites from websites such as can be used once per account.

Can I combine educoins from an educom start bonus sale with an invite from friends?

You cannot combine a start bonus sale from educom (through a new tariff registration) together with an invite you received from a friend in the same sale period.
But you can use the start bonus and send invite links to your friends if you like.

educom user profile and educom account manager

Where can I find my educom user profile?

You can access your educom user profile with the button "My account" in the menu bar at the top frame of the website.

I already have an edustore user profile, can I also use it to log on to

Yes, the educom and edustore user profiles are the same. Your login data (email and password) are valid for both and .

Where can I find my educom account manager?

You can find your educom account manager in your educom user profile in the menu itemt "account manager" or simply on your smartphone or tablet with the educom app.


What exactly is on my invoice?

Your invoice contains a detailed statement that includes itemized call details. You can access your monthly statement anytime in the account manager or in the app in the menu item "Your monthly statement".

Some things you will definitely not find on your bill are:

  • Service charge
  • Activation fee
  • SIM flat rate

How can I receive my invoice?

Your invoice will be sent to you as an email, an electronic invoice in the app or in the account manager or by mail. You can change the way in which you receive your invoice anytime in the menu item „settings“ in the educom app or in the account manager.

Why is there a €60 maximum limit for domestic data services? Can I deactivate it?

Following the RTR regulation, an automatic blockage of the data services is enforced for security reasons starting from 60 euros. A permanent lift of the blockage is possible once per year for free, the reinstatement of the safety measure is always free. A permanent lift of the blockage needs to be sent in written form and signed to or by mail to educom, PO box 4040, 1010 Vienna. A temporary lift of the blockage for the running billing cycle is possible by calling the educom customer service and disclosing your customer password or PUK code or via SMS.

Activation and settings

How do I activate my SIM card?

Just break the SIM card out of the card holder in the desired size, put it in your unlocked mobile phone, enter the PIN code from the card holder and you’re ready to go. Why not just go ahead and install the educom app, in order to organize your SIM card optimally.

How do I activate the internet on my mobile phone?

If your smartphone did not automatically take over the internet settings, please make the following configurations:

  • Profile name: WebAPN
  • APN:
  • User name: (leave blank)
  • Password (leave blank)

If the mobile internet still does not work, please activate "roaming" in your smartphone settings. To make sure no potential roaming charges accrue, just deactivate "roaming" in the educom app or in the educom account manager.

Where do I find the internet settings on my device?

There is no universal solution, please check the instructions of your device.

How can I set up call forwarding?

You can change the settings of your call forwarding anytime in the educom app or in the educom account manager in the menu item "settings". You can also activate the option to directly edit call forwarding on your phone.

What mobile mailbox settings are there?

  • Record your personal message
  • Edit existing message
  • Choose the menu language
  • Set voicemail password (in order to listen to the mobile mailbox from other phones or abroad)

Just call your mobile mailbox at 810 830 and press "0" to get to the settings.

How can I deactivate my mobile mailbox?

You can simply deactivate and activate your mobile mailbox online in the account manager or in the app in the menu item "settings".

educom contract tariff

What’s behind educom?

We offer the best mobile plans for students at the best prices and without unnecessary costs. We offer internet with LTE-speed from A1. You can also earn store credit by inviting friends.

Who can sign up for educom contract tariffs?

Students of universities and universities for applied sciences as well as employees of educational institutions.

How can I verify that I am a student?

Your student status is verified through one of the following three ways..

  • By logging in through your institute
  • With a valid UNI / UAS / teachers college email address
  • By uploading a university certificate (confirmation of enrollment, student ID, etc.)

How can I register for an educom contract tariff?

Order online: Simply register your tariff online right here and you will receive the SIM card for your unlocked device postage free.

Get it directly: You can also register your tariff at our edustore home base at Universitätsstraße 4, 1090 Vienna. Just be sure to bring:

1) a valid photo ID (passport / ID card / driver’s license) & student ID
2) debit card (unless you know your IBAN by heart ;-))

3) online banking details (authorization number, PIN and iTan or mobileTan)

What happens if I am no longer a student?

A1 reserves the right to check the student status after 5 years and in case of a lapse of the conditions of use to switch, with several advance notices (after 6 months), the tariff to educom básico and to offer you a suitable tariff from the A1 portfolio. You can simply confirm your student status by logging in again to the edustore or to educom with your uni login (aconet) or with your uni email address or by uploading a uni (or UAS) certificate. The educom básico is a so-called "pay as you go" tariff at € 0,039/minute or SMS and € 0,9/MB. ->Details here<-

How can I cancel my educom contract tariff?

You can cancel your contract tariff anytime in accordance with a one-month cancellation period for the end of the next month. Send us a dated written cancellation signed by the contract holder to or mail it to educom, PO box 4040, 1010 Vienna. After your cancellation you can continue using your SIM card as a prepaid card with the básico tariff. (You can find the details of the tariff terms in our fee overview. This means you will be able to keep your number and can also phone and browse the internet. Just keep in mind that you will need to charge your credit accordingly.

Do I have enough reception with educom?

With educom you can phone and browse the internet in the A1 LTE-speed network. You can check the network coverage in your location here.

When are costs incurred?

The contract commences when the delivery is completed. The billing cycle begins at the same time. In case of shortened billing periods, e.g. when registering at the middle of the month, fees will be charged aliquot.

How can I change bank account for my contract billing? | SEPA

If you want to change your bank account from which you want to pay your educom contract, you have to use the "SEPA-Lastschriftmandat" form. Fill out the form and send it to

If you no longer know your PUK for filling out the form you can also snap your ID and attach it to your mail instead.


How do I install my voicemail system?

- Your telephone number’s already includes a standard voicemail system.
- If you receive a call while you are on the phone, not available or unable to answer, the call will automatically be transferred to your voicemail.
- Free SMS will inform about new voicemails.
- Your voicemails will be saved for 14 days. Your voicemail system can record and save up to 15 3-minute-long messages.

How do I listen to my voicemails?

You can reach your number’s personal voicemailbox (of your educom standard-tariff) under 810 830. Whilst listening to your mailbox you can use the following entries to manage your voicemails:
2> Delete
4> Back
6> Next
*> Back to menu

Can I listen to my voicemails externally too?

If you want to listen to your voicemails from a different phone number please call your mailbox number according to your educom telephone number:

Fort the phone numbers 0681-10 xx xx xx dial +4368111 and the last six digits of your telephone number
Fort the phone numbers 0681-20 xx xx xx dial +4368121 and the last six digits of your telephone number
Fort the phone numbers 0681-81 xx xx xx dial +4368182 and the last six digits of your telephone number
Fort the phone numbers 0681-84 xx xx xx dial +436817784 and the last six digits of your telephone number
Fort the phone numbers 0699-81 xx xx xx dial +4369982 and the last six digits of your telephone number
Press *-Key
Enter your voicemail-password
Even if you have disabled your voice mailbox password by default, you will need to enter it in an external voice mailbox query.

How do I change my personal settings?

Call your mailbox under 810 830. By pressing “0” you can change the following settings:

- Record personal voicemail greeting
- Edit your existing voicemail greeting
- Choose a menu language
- Choose a voicemail-password (in order to listen to your mailbox from another telephone(-number) or abroad)

Password-protection is deactivated for you telephone number by default. You can change your voicemail-password in the menu under Settings “Einstellungen” by pressing “5” in the mailbox-menu.

What must I pay attention to when receiving, redirecting or listening to voice mails abroad?

Listening to voicemails abroad:

- Create a password, while your still in Austria under 810830
- If you are abroad, dial the following number in order to listen to your voicemails +43699810830 (depending on the current roaming-conditions)

Receiving voicemail abroad:

- Receiving or redirecting incoming calls to your mailbox is free of charge in the EU.

Automatically redirecting calls to your mailbox:

- Attention! If your phone is programmed to automatically redirect missed calls to your mailbox, the additional costs will be incurred!
- A incoming call will be directed to you via the partner network of the country you’re in. If you don’t pick up, the call will be redirected to your mailbox – you will then simultaneously be charged the incoming and outgoing call rates for the redirection of the missed call to your Austrian mailbox.

How do I switch my voicemail system off and on again?

You can switch your voicemail system off/on whenever you want:
- Online in the Accountmanager (“Kontomanager”) or in the educom App under the menu point Settings (“Einstellungen”)
- Via telephone call with the educom customer-service under 810 919. Keep your customer password and / or your PUK code at hand.

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