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vamos olé - the mobile plan for students

vamos olé - the mobile plan for students
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educom vamos olé - the phone plan for students

The first month is free with all new orders until 10. september!

  •  NEW  free chat additional option for €2,90/month - unlimited data for       ->more information here
  • 2.000 units (minutes / SMS) - also within the EU
  • 10 GB LTE data up to 100 Mbit/s - save up to 20GB with data rollover and use up to 30GB next month. 
  • 3.7 GB data roaming within the EU -> more information here
  • 100 (free) minutes from Austria to EU Countries
  • Number porting for free - after receiving the SIM card through the app and/or in the online account manager
  • No registration fee
  • No service charge
  • No commitment
  • 10€ invoice credit or shopping voucher for each successful friends invite
  • 9.99€ per month
  • incl. triple SIM (standard, micro and nano format) suitable for mobile phone, smartphone, tablet or mobile WiFi dongle.

Continue using educom even when you are no longer a student.


Commencement of contract: The contract starts with the shipment of the SIM card and the shipped SIM card is already activated.

Voice billing increment: 60/60, commenced minutes will be charged in full.

Data billing increment: Billed in whole chunks of 8 KB per session.

Speed: LTE (Austria-wide), download up to 100 Mbit/second, upload up to 50 Mbit/second. The actual final speed depends on various factors such as the device, network workload and location.

Billing month: The billing cycle last from the 26th to the 25th of each month.

Free units: The plan includes 2,000 units (minutes or SMS Austria-wide in all networks) and 10 GB data volume (Austria-wide). Not included are connections to service and premium rate numbers, abbreviated numbers as well as outbound voice connections to foreign lines. MMS services are not included. Once the included data volume is used up the speed is reduced to 64Kbit/s. You also have the option to purchase the 1 GB más additional package. You can find the separate prices for non-included services here.

Data rollover: You can take data volume you have not used up with you into the next month. This is limited to twice the monthly available data volume. In total, this means that three times the amount of data volume (up to 30 GB) can be available to you. Unused EU data volume cannot be collected.

Additional option Free Chat for €2,90/month: The use of the following apps is not deducted from the included data volume: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Viber. This applies to chat messages as well as pictures / photos and videos. Voice telephony and video telephony via these apps as well as the accessing embedded links such as YouTube does not count. The Terms of Use for Free Chat apply, here to see.

Furthermore, the terms of use for Free Chat apply as agreed here. Please note that the option or the option of use is limited until 01.02.2021. Thereafter, the use is automatically extended by another 12 months (temporary), unless we inform you 2 months before the expiration of the respective term in a suitable manner that Free Chat expires at the end of the term. The option or possibility of use is lost when changing tariffs. This option is not included in this mobile phone tariff. You can turn it on and off daily. It is an additional benefit, it is not the service content of your tariff. The option Free Chat contains only the free data consumption for chat services. The general use of chat services is not the service content of Free Chat and is subject to the separate usage and, if applicable, charge terms of the streaming service providers. More information can be found here in the Free Chat regulations.

Roaming: Since 15.06.2017, you can make calls and send SMS within the EU, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland at domestic plans. The data roaming amount is 3.7 GB. You can find more information about roaming here.

Additional packages: can be activated at any time in the app or in the account manager. Once activated, the package is automatically renewed until the end of the billing cycle. Please note that you need to cancel the package if you are no longer using it. We offer the following additional packages:

  • educom 1 GB más: You can refill the data volume by 1 GB at any time. Each refill costs €3.90. You can make unlimited refills. Find more information here.
  • EU 100 - International telephony: An additional package with 100 minutes from Austria to EU countries incl. Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland for €3.49. Find more information here.
  • Roaming internacional 100: A roaming package with 100 units (minutes/SMS/MB) for the countries Bosnia, Switzerland, Serbia, Turkey, USA and Canada for €14.99. Find more information here.

More information: Prices are in EUR incl. VAT. Layout and print errors excepted. You can find further details as well as the full information in the FAQs and in the terms and conditions.

Registration data

Your details for the registration of your educom plan

The information required will be used for the contract details of your tariff. If you want to order a vamos and a datos tariff, you may use different details.

If you already have an educom (=edustore) user-profile and you are logged in, your name and address will already be filled in.

Note concerning registration: Company costumers are unable to register for a contract.

Note concerning shipping to the edustore Homebase: Here an edustore employee will open the shipment.

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