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Use educom for free with invites!

With every successful Invite both you and your friend will receive 1000 educoins! Invite HERE as many friends as you can and with just one successful Invite a month you’ll be able to use the vamos-plan for free. 


1000 educoins = 10€

educoins can be exchanged for an educom invoice credit, edustore notebooks and vouchers for Amazon & co. in your account area.

Visit us in our homebase: Universitätsstraße 4, 1090 Wien Mo-Fr: 10:00 - 18:00
Call us: 810 919 (for free within the educom network) +43 681 810 919 (15ct/min for all other networks) 08:00 - 22:00


Jingchao zhou 3 months ago
Very competent and fair mobile carrier. Every issue and problem I encountered was solved mostly within a work day through very simple processes. Costumer service is very friendly and responsive too. The best mobile carrier I have ever used.
Christian Schaubmeier 6 months ago
Best support ever! Shout-out to Susanne - she instantly replied on a Friday evening!